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Chaturbate is one of the biggest adult video chat websites on the Internet at this point. I have no doubts that regular live sex consumers know about it. But I’m pretty sure that not many have any idea that they also run a nice blog where they post about the latest talents in the industry that join their community. So if you’d like to keep up with the fresh performers that you could have fun with then you should consider visiting the Chaturbate blog and bookmark it.

Usually their posts are pretty short but they include a high quality image of the model they present. Those good quality pictures surely turn guys on and make them want to click them. I do it myself pretty much all the time. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve missed any of the babes listed there since I started reading the blog regularly. I’d like to recommend you do the same. I kind of find this way of sorting out through thousands of models they have much easier then just going to the main site and looking at a bunch of thumbnails.

Another strong point for visiting the blog regularly is the fact that they post recommendations for special shows there. Those are indeed something you should keep an eye on, usually they post about live shows performed by pornstars that do not regularly perform live cam shows. Those aren’t the regular shows you can get every second online, so you’d better not miss them.

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