Cosplay is something that is getting more and more attention. Lot off people watching fantasie movies and or some huge fan off their idiol. So they dress like the idiol in the movies to go into adult.

Japanese for Cosplay is コ ス プ レ or kosupure. It is a form of performance art in which participants use costumes and accessories to depict a specific character or idea. In the broader sense of the word, cosplay refers to all costumed role-playing off-stage, regardless of the cultural context. So in the adult context people getting dressed up and make some hot steaming sex with their looking idol figure.

The fantasy off getting laid by an intergalactic teengirl is some off the fantasy guys have. Some like to be dominated by an other dressed up spieces and getting laid by them. Girls or women olso love some cosplay because their are more into rolplaying to get horny. Womens like to get dressed up getting the compliments that their the beauty off the world their living in it. A part off the womens are more the dominate girls who like guys to worship them.

You can see here in this category some cosplay girls and boys dressed up like their idiol.