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The Purpose of a Balcony


The Purpose of a Balcony.
Public sex is sexual activity that takes place in a public context. It refers to one or more persons performing a sex act in a public place, like having public sex on balcony. Or in a private place which can be viewed from a public place. Such a private place may be a back yard, a barn, balcony or a bedroom with the curtains open. Public sex also includes sexual acts in semi-public places where the general public is free to enter, such as shopping malls.

Sex on the Balcony

If you’re a newbie to public sex, you might want to ease into the IRL idea. “The Balcony of your home or hotel has the comfort to keep the sex at ease,” Levine says. “Wondering if the neighbors will see ups the mystery and your arousal.”

It’s thrilling to know someone could spot you, and you’re outside but in a clean, private space. And since it’s your property, no worries about breaking the law.

Make It Hotter: Put your patio furniture to good use (beyond the occasional backyard BBQ). “If you have a lounger, this can be a good opportunity for you to lie back and enjoy some relaxed oral sex out in the sunshine,” Engle says. Before you head out, don’t forget to grab some water-based lube and a favorite toy.

Or if you horny couples have lucky and been open for it. Your neighbors might join the fun. Or even when you are caught having sex on the balcony. The horny couple can come over to have a foursome swinging sex party. Two hot couples swinging with each other blondeadobo hornyhiking. You love it to have seks on the balcony. And mayby the girl next door would come over to have a great threesome in public.

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